Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unreal Engine Coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch

The Unreal engine was created in 1998 by Epic Games. The primary engine 'Unreal engine 1' was used to power Unreal Tournament which was additionally developed by Epic Games. The engine was very superior for it is time and proved to be a fantastic engine to run FPS's on. The second engine came out in 2001 and supported all major consoles like the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. Unreal Engine 2 remains to be getting used to this day.

Unreal Engine 3 is that this generations engine. It was designed round Open GL 32/sixty four bit for Mac OS X, Linux and the PlayStation 3. The engine is constructed around OpenGL ES which the PS3, OS X and the most recent updates to Linux run on (in case your hardware helps it). Video games like Bioshock, Borderlands, Mass Impact and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six are all running on this engine. The engine is not on the Wii on account of lack of power. So the Unreal Engine three is a really advanced high finish engine which wants excessive finish hardware to power it.

So it comes at an important shock that Unreal Games are making the engine run on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I do know that the iPhone and iPod Contact haven't proven their full potential in graphical abilities but as Apps always come out proving that the units can do more and more. When the iPhone 3Gs came out this year Apple touted the flexibility of it with the ability to run OpenGL 2.0 ES. When I first heard this I did suppose 'grasp on is not that the identical version of OpenGL the PS3 runs' but shortly assumed otherwise. The engine will solely have the ability to run on the iPhone 3Gs and iPod Contact third generation. Does this imply we'd see BioShock on the iPhone or Borderlands this is serious information for iPhone and iPod Touch. No word on when the engine ought to be ready for developers however I reckon will probably be ready round March when Apple holds the iPhone occasion to introduce OS 4.0.


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