Monday, December 20, 2010

Samsung Intercept Review

Samsung Intercept
The Intercept has a black face and resembles lots of its Samsung cousins with rounded corners. It has vivid and thick silver accents for its rim. Dimension smart, the cellphone just isn't very sleek. It has a dimension of 4.forty three x 2.19 x 0.fifty nine inches and weighs 4.9 ounces. The again cowl has a nice contact feel as it is made of soft contact material. The telephone is perfectly decent trying handset but lacks a glossy physique which is found in other Samsung's QWERTY models.

The intercept has a 3.2 inch capacitive WQVGA touch-display screen display. The display is very reactive to the hits. The display when in comparison with different Android phones is affordable small. However on the opposite side, the screen is colorful and vivid on the eye. There are 4 backlit sensor keys below the show that are used for accessing the Android menu choices, Search, back and Home. Urgent the house button displays task supervisor which reveals just lately used applications. Therefore you'll be able to multitask simply with this. The touchpad may be very small and therefore we not often use it. The top/power button and discuss button flanks the navigation array.

There's a 3.5mm headset jack and a digital camera button on the suitable aspect of the phone. On the left are the microSD card slot that may be extended as much as 32GB and a volume rocker. The Intercept comes with installed 2GB card. On the top is a micro USB port for charging and at the back is a 3.2 mp camera. When the phone slides out it reveals a QWERTY keyboard which is a pleasant reveal. When in comparison with Samsung Rework the buttons are smaller. The center button is barely domed for simple urgent which is flatter than on the periphery. The operate key is effectively placed and is definitely accessible.


* Show: 3.2" WQVGA touchscreen show
* Digital camera: 3.2 mega pixel
* Working System: Android 2.1
* Reminiscence: microSD, expandable to 32GB
* Worth: $249.99

The Samsung Intercept runs Android 2.1 operating system which is excellent. If it is upgraded to Android 2.2 it would turn out to be more powerful. The TouchWiz interface is stored off this Samsung phone. It has features on deck and Android apps like Google Maps navigation, dwell wallpaper and voice to textual content capabilities. It additionally has tight integration with Gmail, Google Discuss, Google calendar, YouTube and Google Places. The Intercept comes with a ThinkFree Office which works in the same means as Quick Office Viewer.

You too can plug in POP or IMAP server settings if you want one thing aside from Gmail for email. It has preloaded apps like AirG, MP3 music store app and Facebook. Different features include calculator, calendar, clocks, speakerphone, voice commands, speed dial, multimedia messaging, threaded texting and chat services. The wi-fi features embody GPS, WiFi, airplane mode and Bluetooth. It has a WebKit browser which helps pinch to zoom and Flash Lite. It has a music player which plays again songs that are downloaded by MP3 stores of Amazon.


The Samsung Intercept has a great name quality. The callers on the other finish had no downside with the clarity of the call and the voice sounded good. The speakerphone quality was clear and good. It has a superb battery life with talk time of 5.5 hours and standby time of 14.6 days. It has a SAR rating of 0.51.


Furious Sun said...

Its a fairly good phone for the price, but it needs an update to 2.2 to speed it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Worst phone I have ever owned in my life. Battery lasts about 2 hours max on a good day. That’s with normal use and wifi off. This is the 3rd Intercept I have exchanged and they are all terrible.

Very slow processor and very unresponsive. Locks up constantly and has to be rebooted. This phone shouldn’t even be considered a smart phone or in the category with other droids. It is pretty sad when you have to recharge your phone every 2 hours throughout the day just to use it.

I have owned $7.00 cell phones that worked better than the Intercept. Also I can’t count how many times this phone has just turned itself off in the middle of a call with a full battery. All 3 of my Intercepts have done that, so I know it’s a common problem with this phone and not just the one that I own.

Sometimes you have to push a button 3 or 4 times before it responds. When you slide or drag the window there is always a delay and it stops constantly. This phone has the worst internal storage and memory around. At least half of the apps from the Droid market malfunction on this phone. On a normal day this phone will freeze up on me anywhere from 5-15 times, to the point that I have to open the back to take the battery out before I can restart.

I really wanted to like this phone, but as it turns out, it’s by far the worst phone I’ve ever used. To say it is frustrating is an understatement. The problem is its poor response. Frequently during daily use it is unresponsive. Especially after a phone call. It might take up to twenty seconds for the controls to respond. This is not acceptable!

I am a certified computer technician. I work on and repair all makes and models of computers. I embrace technology and understand it. But I will never understand this phone! I have no interest in “rooting” it either. It should just work….but it does not. And please don’t tell me I have “too many programs installed.” I don’t have any. In fact, I’ve done a hard reset on this phone-twice-running only the factory installed programs and STILL it is totally unresponsive.

I also find no correlation between what is running in the background and how the phone behaves. Every time I use the device I clear out whatever programs I’m not using at the moment. But it seems this does not make a difference. The phone has a mind of its own and it will behave any way it wants to, RAM or no RAM

If you go to cnet reviews you will see that over 80% of all the genuine reviews for this phone have 1 star or less. Samsung should be sued and should be put out of business for passing off a phone as bad as this to the consumer. BUYER BEWARE: If you do buy this phone it only comes with a 30 day warranty and everything will work great until the second month you own it……..TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT

I regret buying this phone. But I’ll keep it until my carrier comes out with another model that I like, then I’m gonna just trash the Intercept. I don’t have the heart to sell it to someone else.”

Pros: makes a good paperweight.

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