Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google Nexus S - Don't Eat The Gingerbread

The D: Dive Into Mobile occasion has showcased many new exciting cell devices. The D: Dive Into Cellular occasion is held in San Francisco and showcases among the new ideas within the mobile realm able to rock this world.Google Nexus S Google Nexus S is one such machine that may show the big boys how it's presupposed to be done.

Gingerbread or Android 2.3 seems to be quick and slick. Gingerbread is able to support even greater screens equivalent to those utilized by tablets and Honeycomb which is the following improve up will support even larger resolutions utilized in tablets.

The Google Nexus S is manufactured by Samsung, which in all probability explains why they didn't go for the title Nexus 2. Samsung has the Galaxy S which is its high quality smart phone. The Google Nexus steals a few of the limelight from the Samsung Galaxy S by making it even sexier and cooler.

Preliminary testings have proven the Google Nexus S to run lightning fast. The pace is similar to the iPhone 4, as a result of the usage of the same A8-primarily based Hummingbird processor core. The 1 GHz processor would have knocked out the competition easily if it was even faster. A twin core 2 GHz processor would have been much better.

This Android based phone is going to be a high seller during Christmas this year. There is no doubt, that individuals are going to go nuts and purchase one on December the 16th.

Android 2.three (AKA Gingerbread) has improved immensely from its earlier revision. All the pieces runs sooner and the interface is quite a bit slicker. Lag occasions are shortened and the OS is very responsive.

The brand new Nexus encompasses a curved based display and the entire cellphone seems very slick and innovative. There is no doubt that the competitors can be preventing to push a brand new telephone out earlier than Christmas. Dual core phones are still yet to be seen. Sooner or later the Tegra 2 will probably be integrated into a phone.

The D: Dive Into Cell event is a good platform for the likes of Google to show off their newest cell gadgets. Google has proven the world that it may combine it with the very best cellular makers. iPhone 4 seems prefer it has a healthy battle on its doorstep. There isn't long to wait earlier than this new phone by Google is available to the general public.

In conclusion, Google followers are in for a deal with subsequent week. The time has come for people to save lots of up for this great new Android telephone by Samsung and Google.


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